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Baptism in the Carolingian Times

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With the will of Charlemagne to get the practice of the Frankish Church united all over the Empire, a letter of Charlemagne -to Bishop Abalar of Trier- and a one by Alcuin -to a priest named Oduin- are extant, which are describing the ritual of the Christian baptism. Those letters are due to that the clerics, during that time of reform, were allowed to write to the emperor, or his counselors, to ask for a better understanding of the new rites. The emperor and his court were answering to such questions. At the time of Charlemagne, the baptism of the children had become frequent as the catechumenate of the grown-ups -which had been the custom since the end of the 4th century- kept only in the lands of mission, like, for example, in Germany

A baptism, at the Carolingian times, does unfold this way