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A Summary of The Catholic Faith

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Should one summarize the Christian doctrine, that could be done like follow. The Omnipotent God, who is Trinity -Father, Son and Spirit, reigning over everything, decides, through a plain motion of His own will, to create Man in his image and into his confidence. Due to the Original Sin, man was to cut himself from God's faith. The whole History then turns the History of the relationship between God and Man as it takes place along five instalments

Thence at last, the history, as Christians are placed under the aegis of the Church, is now unfolding into the world as it will eventually lead to the End of Days, which will constitute the last struggle betwen God and Evil -between keeping into God's confidence or to get distant from it- and to the Last Judgment, which will constitute, as far as it is concerned, the definitive victory of God. Men who will have been saved through, will then, in the New Jerusalem, everlastingly live into the Faith of God

.to a more detailed content of the Roman Catholic Church's doctrine, please check the Catechismo Della Chiesa Cattolica page, at the official Vatican site, whence you will find links to the Catechism of the Church in varied languages. The Compendium below is a summary to the Catechism (caution, that page is in Italian)

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