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Were the Revelations in Fatima, Portugal by the Virgin Mary About Russia in 1917 About the Bolshevik, or Varangian Russia?

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Since the third Fatima secret was revealed in the year 2000 by the papacy, it seems like the messages of the Virgin Mary in Fatima were understood as aiming to the communist Russia. As we evoked the creation of Russia by the Varegues, a question came to the mind, whether the Russia of Fatima would be the bolshevik one, or the Viking Russia?

As they had been preceded in 1915 and 1916 through the apparition of an angel, the apparition of Virgin Mary took place in 1917, and directed to three Portuguese shepherds of the region of Fatima, Portugal. During the third apparition, in July, the Virgin reveals three secrets, or prophecies, to those children and she promises a large miracle to occur at the end that the people believe in the apparitions. That miracle occurred in October 1917, consisting of the famed 'dance of the Sun', when a large crowd saw the Sun affected by various motions and revolutions in the sky of Fatima

Those events took place amidst the First World War (WWI) and here are the three secrets told by the Virgin Mary. It has to be noted that the third secret long was an object of questioning as Rome eventually revealed it in 2000 only. The first prophecy is a vision of Hell, to show to the visionaries where the souls of the sinners are going to. The second secret is that war -and disorders in the world- will cease only if Russia is consecrated to the Virgin Mary and if a specific eucharist is performed each first Saturday of some months. Fault of that, a second war will occur, as Russia will keep spreading its errors in the world, leading to more wars and to persecutions against the Roman Catholic Church. Those will bring to righteous Roman Catholics to be persecuted, sufferings for the Pope and the destruction of various nations. By the end, 'a period of peace' will eventually be granted to the world and the Pope will consecrate Russia to the Virgin, and Russia shall be converted. A third prophecy, at last, was revealed to the three shepherds, a kind of vision of how a pope, with bishops and clerics, along with lay persons of all walks of life, are killed by soldiers at the top of a steep mountain, with a wooden cross there, after they had walked through a big city half in ruins and full of corpses

The demand by the Virgin to that Russia be consecrated was reiterated in 1929. But, as the consecration was not performed, the events predicted were triggered, with Russia expanding its errors in the world, with leads to wars, persecutions against the Church, and sufferings for the Pope. In the usual understanding of those prophecies, Russia was mainly understood like the communist Russia, which appeared since 1917. And that may be accepted. The revelation of the prophecies however -and, thus, the potential of Russia to spread errors and to persecute the Roman Catholic Church- is dated July 1917, a date at which nothing is really sure about if Russia will really turn to bolshevism. Albeit a liberal revolution had occurred in February 1917 against the tzarist autocracy and that Lenin had come back into there by April of the same year, nothing was really still sure. On the other hand, Roman Catholics, except in Ukraine, do not at the time constitute the main part of the Russian faitfulls (albeit a tendency among the elites, since the end of the 19th century and the relative religious tolerance accorded by the tzar, was to pass to the Roman Catholicism)

Another argument, further, may be that, since the 'Kievian', Viking Russia had converted to Christianism by the 10th century, the whole Russian orb had always practized an 'advanced' and zealous Byzantine, orthodox Catholicism, as far as its relationship with Rome had been concerned. Moreover, if one considers the terms 'convert' Russia, those terms seem better apply to passing from orthodoxy to the Roman Catholic Church than from some atheism proponed by the Bolsheviks since few time to that. Would the Russian communism, thus, have been accessory only to the messages of Fatima, with the 20th century's beginnings having been a period of acceleration of the will of the Russian orthodoxy to hurt Rome? The third prophecy, at last, of that large city topped with a high mountain doesn't seem to match much in Italy, for example, or in some other European countries. By contrast, such a city might well fit more easily into what can be noted when one surveys the Marian apparitions during the period of the rule of England, between about 1750-1940, like the main world power of the time, both on the industrial point of view, and the one of it like a political model. During that period, the apparitions of the Virgin Mary neatly take place in France only! This likely hinting to that France was the particular object of the celestial benevolence. And, in that case, in France, there really is a city which matches the prophecy. Grenoble, that is, a seemingly large city in the northern Alps, just located at the bottom of steep mountains, which surround it on most sides... That might lead to really assert that question: did the Russia evoked in Fatima was the Russia of the Bolsheviks, or the historical, Byzantine and Viking one, which, since its beginnings had always shown a zealous, religious hostility to the Roman Catholic Church?

The problem may be further complicated by the fact that the Russian orthodox Church, on the one hand neatly became a Russian state church since the reign of Peter the Great in the 18th century -with, moreover, a protestant influence- as, on the other hand, when the Kievian orthodox patriarchate was rattached to the one of Moscov, that brought to that the Russian orthodoxy endured a large Ukrainian influence (Ukraine, as far as it is concerned, having mostly like an history to have been originally an orthodox country, having then endured the pressure to Roman Catholicism from the Polish-Lithuanian state during the Middle Ages, and, eventually, defended in its orthodoxy, by the Cossacks)

It's impossible, further, not to note that a remarkable, stable link is joining, since its inception, the threats which were directed against the Roman Catholic Church. Once the Christianity victorious -when the Fathers have successfully fightened the heresies or the Roman attacks- it's then just threatened through five elements, like the heresies -which are keeping on- the development of the eastern Christendom -under Byzantium- the pagan peoples -which refuse or threaten- Islam -which settles South- and the 'regalisms', that tendency of the European kings -mostly due to their Germanic origins- to rule over in the matters of the Church. Thus, the greats logics seen at work in the West, since the victory of the Christians in the Roman Empire, are in place with the heresies -which eventually turn into the protestantism (and the capitalism -in England, then in the USA)- the eastern Church (as Rome fights and cuts any link with there and the Eastern christendom passing to Russia when Constantinople falls to the Turks), the pagan peoples (lying at the borders of the West), the regalisms (which weaken the Church) and Islam (as a form a balance eventually settles, mostly due to the changes of dynasties in the Muslim world, with Arabs, Persians and Turks. The West and Islam eventually determine a border between them function of the landscapes or the cultures). The Jewish question at last remained all along Christian history. Like the people unto which the didactics of God exerted before Christ, they had to let such that prominence to the Christian people as Church progressively built a doctrine about Jews. Church had a moderate stance when princes and peoples were excessive as it turned to repressive steps against excesses of wealthy Jewish communities. According to Church, Jews were not to be converted by force, their Talmud was considered anti-Christian, childish, immoral and anti-social. By shutting Jews into the ghettos, they were to be forbidden proselytizing or being a object of scandal to Christians. Jews at last are part of the logics of the Last Judgment, with their final conversion celebrating further still the final victory of God

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