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The Origin of the Peoples of the World According to the Bible

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Genesis, 10, in the Christian bible, describes the origins of the peoples of the world. Most of the current mankind is related to the renewal which occurred after the Deluge, this cataclysm which had wipped man off the surface of the Earth, except Noah. All men of today are supposed to descent from the three sons of Noah: Ham, Shem, and Japheth. Those three are the ancestors to the Egyptian-African, Semitic Arabian and Asiatic, and European peoples, respectively. They were the parents of a further generation, members of which, in turn, were parents to more distinct peoples. It might -albeit a mere hypothesis- that such a support might have served the vision of the world by the Carolingians

Those three brothers -Ham, Shem, and Japheth- are implicated, further, in the famed curse of Canaan by Noah. As Noah became drunken after the Deluge and he got naked, his son Ham saw his nakedness. As he warned his two brothers, those walked backward into Noah's tent, bearing a mantle on their shoulders and they covered the latter. When Noah woke up, he cursed Ham, through Canaan, Ham's son, as he accordingly blessed Shem and Japheth. Yahweh, Shem's god, is blessed as Shem will hold Canaan as his slave. Japheth will be expanded and he will dwell in Shem's tents, having Canaan as his slave too. Canaan, Shem and Japheth thus came to be the ancestors of the Earth's main races. According to the Jewish commentaries of Bible, branches of main Earth's peoples, after the Flood, started from a location called 'Senaar.' Senaar is Sumer, or Babylonia. That is also quoted by two Byzantine chroniclers, Malalas (c. 491 – 578) -a chronicler under the reign of Justinian I- and Hamartolos, a monk (842-867). That cursing/blessing has been usually interpretated by the Roman Catholic Church like that the final development of the Western races coming from Japheth had them to become the actual seat of the Church -which itself came to supplant the Hebrews like the heirs of Shem. St. Ambrosius, who thought that the Asiatic people were good, Africans wicked and Europeans neither, as able both to the best or the worst and then St. Augustine, who stated that the peoples of Europe had a vocation to be converted to Christianity, had taken the theme again. Isidore of Sevilla knew that people of Europe were found from the Taurus to the 'Britannic Ocean.' Of note also are the following points. The Japheth's races, stretching their domains, would keep however having their residence among the races of Shem. From a Roman Catholic point of view, that would lead to that the Church issued from Shem, through the Jews, would be the location where the center of the 'empires' issued from the race of Japheth be found too. Or that the Holy Land self might be, at the same time, the seat of the Church and the one of the ruler -or rulers- of the Western races. History is maybe showing such a trend at work already among those ancient empires born from the old races of Japheth, like the Hittites, Persians, or Alexander the Great, all having that tendency to migrate and locate their seat among the lands of the heirs of Shem, like in southeastern Anatolia or in Mesopotamia. Rome, on the other hand, is in Judaea at the time of Christ, or Crusaders, at last, conquered the place during the Middle Ages... Maybe that also goes with all the civilizational trend which had been born, during the Neolithics, in the Fertile Crescent and which had it center of gravity to move West. Ancient empires shifted to Greece, which shifted to Rome. Rome turned into Europe, which eventually, at the time of the Great Discoveries, shifted further West and even, through the circumterrestrial journeys of navigators, eventually took back from the East to Jerusalem -or 'Shem's tents.' Alcuin, like the other scholards of those times, the world is constituted from Africa, Asia, and Europe, or the three landmasses matching Noah's three sons; they are further surrounded by the Ocean

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