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Site' Statistics

Our site, before withdrawal and return of our site online (2008-2013), had a average yearly attendance of about 10,500 users, as, geographically, its statistics were showing that about 56 percent of our users were dwelling in the U.S.A., 25 in France, and the remaining in Canada, Belgium and Switzerland

As far as the site's ranking in the search engines is concerned, we are always favorably positioned, either on the first page, or even at the first place of the first page, with some keywords matching the site's purpose, either in English or in French, like ('Carolingian scholars', 'Carolingian liberal arts', 'Carolingiens érudits', 'Carolingiens érudition', 'école palatine'). That is hinting to that we likely detain an important rank in our domain, with the exception however of the more general keyword 'Carolingian renaissance'. The site, at last, is less ranked with Live Search. Our site keeps very well ranked after our return online by 2013 at the Bing search engine only

(data as of 2008)

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